Interview with Gabriela and Bianca from Diamond Dixie

Today’s interview is with Gabriela and Bianca from the Band Diamond Dixie! They have some pretty good singing and guitar and banjo playing skills! Diamond Dixie consists of sisters, Gabriela and Bianca LeDuc. Gabriela is 18 years old and plays guitar and mandolin. Bianca is 16 years old and plays banjo, guitar and bass. Both Gabriela and … Read more

Interview with Caitlin and Sidney from Facing West

Hey everyone! Today we have an interview with Facing West! Facing West is a band by sisters Caitlin and Sidney. Caitlin and Sidney are two talented singers with beautiful harmonies. If you haven’t heard them sing, you can listen to them on YouTube at Facing West Music   You can find out more about Facing West … Read more