Interview with Alayna

Interview with Alayna

Interview with Alayna!

Alayna is a Country/Pop/Rock Singer/Songwriter in Nashville, Tennessee and was recently chosen as a CMA Emerging Artist!

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When did you begin singing or playing an instrument?
I began playing classical piano when I was 7, and had a pastor help me out with some guitar chords when I was 14-ish. Stopped for a bit, then picked it back up on my own around 16.

What inspired you to become a singer/songwriter?
The vision of being a well-known artist and songwriter was given to me when I was 6 years old. As far back as I can remember, it’s what I’ve always wanted to do.

What genre would you call your music?
I’d call my music country/pop/rock.

Is there anything you have learned from being a singer/songwriter?
Absolutely! Self-belief: You CAN do it! No matter what anyone else in your life has said to you. Work hard, never give up. Self-discipline: it takes getting up every morning with a PLAN on how to go about your day. Practice is vital, and staying determined to continue through the ups and downs.

What does it mean to you to be a singer/songwriter?
It means I can be myself. I can express myself how I’d like to, through my music, lyrics, clothing, etc. I can convey my thoughts and ideas on life to listeners.

What part about being a singer/songwriter do you enjoy most?
Expressing myself. Uniting people with music. When someone comes up to me after a show and tells me how my song touched their heart, that makes me SO happy. It means we connect – we feel the same thing.

Have you made any friends because of being a singer/songwriter?
YES, some of my greatest friends will be here in Nashville. My best friend and co-writer Adam and I will have a lifelong friendship, I can tell already. My great friend Megan Golden and I can NEVER stop laughing when we’re together. And country duo The Springs are just some of the best people I’ve ever met! Those are just 4 of the amazing people I’ve become friends with!

Have you traveled because of being a singer/songwriter?
Yes – North Carolina, FL, PA, OH, TN, TX, AZ!! Probably much more!

Have you done something exciting because of being a singer/songwriter?
I was able to fund my EP “The Wrong Side” on Kickstarter thanks to my wonderful Alaynaics (my fans), and it charted on iTunes! And I was recently chosen as a 2017 CMA Emerging Artist and will have an artist booth this year during CMA Fest at the Music City Center! If you’re coming to Nashville for CMA Fest, I’d love to meet you! 🙂