Artist Dream Program

Hello everyone! It’s Kyle owner of Southern Country Life. I’ve had the privilege of interviewing some really nice and talented artists and I want to take Southern Country Life’s saying “Helping Talented Artists Achieve Their Dreams” to the next level by having an Artist Dream Program.

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These are the terms for the Southern Country Life Artist Dream Program. By giving you agree to the terms and how the funds will be used.

By giving any amount you agree with these terms. If you don’t agree with these terms, don’t donate through the Patreon campaign. If at anytime you don’t like how funds are used, you can cancel your monthly support. These terms may change and if they do, they will be posted on the Patreon campaign. If you don’t agree with the new terms you can cancel your monthly support.

Why would you give to the Artist Dream Program instead of just giving to the artist yourself? Glad you asked!

By giving to the Artist Dream Program your monthly donation along with other people’s donations can make small donations into big donations helping out artists!

For instance, an artist starts a fundraiser campaign to record a new EP and how cool would it be if Southern Country Life through these funds donated the full campaign amount? With your help WE can. Even if you give $1, enough dollars can make thousands.

This is a community program where instead of 1 person giving a large amount, lots of people can give small amounts and it becomes a large amount.

Examples of how funds can be used for artists are
Recording a new EP or Album
Going on tour
and many more.

Part of the monthly income will go to Southern Country Life for:

Website costs
all interview websites owned
Advertising of the websites and artist interviews on social media

Examples of what contests will go on each month when there is enough coming in each month

Grand Prize – 1 Artist
1 Artist will get the full month of what the current amount is at the time

Split Grand Prize
1 full month of what the amount is will be split between multiple artists

Some contests will be awarded at random and some will use voting.


Funds will not be given lightly. It’s about helping artists on their way to achieving their dreams. In some cases you can help Southern Country Life decide which artist funds will go to with the Patreon polls. All you need to do is give $1 or more a month to be able to vote which artist will receive funds. I want this program to be fun and interactive as well.


There are Rewards you can get by giving a certain amount. Like a T-Shirt, Mug or hat. Depending on what the reward is, it will be sent after your first month of support. Some items may be shipped later. There are no refunds on items. You are not just buying an item, you are also giving a monthly donation. Also, by giving any amount you can be apart of giveaways.

You don’t need to continue the same monthly amount to receive and keep the reward. If you want to give a one time donation, cancel your monthly donation after you’ve been charged for the first month and you’ll still receive the reward, but some rewards require you to give at least $1 a month like Patron only posts and to vote.

Southern Country Life and the Artist Dream Program are independently owned and are not non profit organizations.

Thank you for taking the time to read this campaign and any support you give, whether funds or just a share on social networks is helpful.