Interview with Ayla Brown

Interview with Country Singer/Songwriter Ayla Brown

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When did you begin singing or playing an instrument?

I feel like I’ve been singing all my life, but I didn’t have an outlet until I tried out for and competed on American Idol in 2006. That was the first time I sang with a band, and I absolutely caught the music bug after that!

What inspired you to become a singer/songwriter?

Disney movies!! I always loved learning the songs from the movies.

What genre would you call your music?

Modern country

Is there anything you have learned from being a singer/songwriter?

I absolutely love songwriting. I’ve learned to be vulnerable, where before I wrote songs I was very closed off and cold towards others. Writing songs opened a different part of my heart and mind emotionally.

What does it mean to you to be a singer/songwriter?

To me, being a singer/songwriter means that I can share art with listeners. Not everyone has the ability or knowledge to write. But when people clap and respond to a song I’ve written, it’s the most gratifying feeling in the world.

What part about being a singer/songwriter do you enjoy most?

I enjoy the chemistry I have with certain songwriters. The minute we get in a room, we know that whatever’s on our minds we will be able to express, and four hours later we’ve created a masterpiece!

Have you made any friends because of being a singer/songwriter?

I have made almost all of my friends as a result of writing songs. It’s one thing I’m so grateful for since moving to Nashville six years ago.

Have you traveled because of being a singer/songwriter?

I’ve traveled all over the world singing for the troops. I’ve performed on stages across the country. I’ve loved every second of it!!

Have you done something exciting because of being a singer/songwriter?

In 2013 and 2014 I had my Grand Ole Opry and Ryman Auditorium debuts. I will never forget it for the rest of my life!