Interview with Emily Earle

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Today we have an interview with Singer/Songwriter Emily Earle!

Emily Earle is a Country Singer/Songwriter in Nashville, Tennessee.


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At what age did you begin singing or playing an instrument?
I began singing when I was very little in the school choir, small musicals, and two short poems I wrote for fun. Guitar didn’t come until freshman year of High School. I was told everyone who wanted to sing in the end of the year POPS concert had to also accompany themselves. I really wanted to sing in the show, so I went home that night and picked up my dad’s guitar and learned the 3 chords to Buddy Holly’s It’s So Easy. The next day I stumbled through it in auditions and got a slot in the show. Later, I found out that no one was accompanying themselves and that I was told that so I would be discouraged from auditioning. I wish I could say I started playing guitar because it “called to me” or something but honestly I picked it up out of pure stubbornness.

What inspired you to become a singer/songwriter?
I don’t think any one thing inspired me to become a songwriter. I always loved writing stories, I used to write allot of them. So many, that even my family didn’t read them all. Eventually I realized, the shorter the story, the more likely someone is to read it. Add a melody to that and you have a much larger audience. For me, writing and music always just seemed to be the thing I couldn’t shake. Like an on and off relationship that ends in a marriage. I grew up listening to some pretty awesome songwriters, and I think part of what made me want to write as a career, was watching the evolution of those writers. Realizing that it’s not a job you can ever complete fully or finish doing. There’s always going to be something to say.

What genre would you call your music?
I’d call it country. It’s like a mixture of Linda Ronstadt, Miranda Lambert, and Sheryl Crow. Or at least the next record will be. ☺

Is there anything you have learned from being a singer/songwriter?
I feel like I have learned a lot form songwriting. Too much to type haha. Mostly I have learned to just say what I am trying to say. Sometimes it comes out colorful, sometimes it comes out cheesy, other times it seems way too simple, but you never know what is going to speak to someone else. If you’re feeling it, write it.

What does it mean to you to be a singer/songwriter?
To me, a songwriter tells stories.

What part about being a singer/songwriter do you enjoy most?
I love all parts of writing songs. My two favorite are 1. Seeing the idea or pieces of ideas that you have start to come together and look like a real song. 2. The first time you play that song out and see or hear about someone relating to it.

Have you made any friends because of being a singer/songwriter?
Yes, many. The music community is wonderful.

Have you traveled because of being a singer/songwriter?
Yes, I have been fortunate enough to play shows and see parts of this country and others countries that I had never seen before.

Have you done something exciting because of being a singer/songwriter?
This sounds kind of silly but getting to sing with the Muppets was super exciting for me.