Jessica Rose – One of the Boys

Jessica Rose – One of the Boys

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Back with an interview Jessica Rose about her new single “One of the Boys” and about the inspiration behind it.

Jessica also has a new EP coming out in May.

You can download “One Of The Boys” on iTunes here


Interview with Jessica Rose


What was the inspiration for the song “One Of The Boys”?

One Of The Boys was inspired by the large amount of male artists vs. the smaller amount of female artists in Country music. Living in Nashville, I realized that there are in fact a lot of female artists trying to break into Country music. I feel a lot of male artists think most female Country artists are girly girls and sing about breakups. I thought “One Of The Boys” would be a great song to bring male and female country artists together. Basically telling guys that we can sing, have fun, go fishing and drink whiskey just like them! There are a lot of Country girls that like to hang with the guys! I just wanted to write a song that would make people smile and most importantly have fun!

If you can tell us, is “One Of The Boys” going to be part of a new EP or Album?

“One Of The Boys” will not be on my new EP! I am recording a fresh set of songs for the EP! I am really excited for the release of this EP. It is planned to be released on iTunes and everywhere music is sold this upcoming May! You can check back to for updates.

What would you say the highlights of 2016 where? And do you have any big plans for this year?

2016 was a great year! I wrote more songs than I ever did and had a great year touring and performing in Nashville. I have even bigger plans for 2017. I will be touring to cities that I have never been to before. I hope to meet so many of my fans across the US. I will also be releasing my new EP in May 2017. I will be working very hard on recording and getting my music out there! On my tour I will be traveling to cities in Tennessee, California, Nevada, Oregon, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Alabama, Kentucky, Illinois and beyond!! Make sure to check my show schedule on