Kaitlyn Baker “To Pieces”

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Back with an interview with Kaitlyn Baker.

Recently Kaitlyn released a music video for her song “To Pieces” from her EP “Coal Train”.

Kaitlyn Baker’s “To Pieces” has a gentle tone and deep meaning.

“To Pieces” is Kaitlyn’s latest song to be released on country radio.


You can see the music video for “To Pieces” here.


Interview with Kaitlyn about the inspiration behind her song “To Pieces” and other experiences since her last interview.


What was the inspiration behind your song “To Pieces”?

“To Pieces” was inspired by a relationship that fell apart. My friend, Janet Miller, who is a great songwriter, sent me an idea that sparked my interest because of the place I was at during that time. We started writing the tune and then later brought in Scott Arnold who helped as well. My favorite line is, “Could you put me back together one piece at a time?” At the time, I remember feeling like I was torn into pieces. The songwriting process was like therapy for me.


Since the release of your song “Heart of Appalachia,” it’s been getting a lot of recognition. Can you say a little more about what the inspiration is for the song?

I have lived in the Appalachia Mountains of Southwest Virginia my whole life and absolutely love it. I wanted to write a song that could be a theme song for the area. Scott Arnold and I wrote it together. He knows how strongly I feel about these mountains, and being from East Tennessee, he understood the feeling that I wanted to convey. We presented the song to the Heart of Appalachia Tourism Authority, which promotes tourism in Southwest Virginia, and they loved it. I then was fortunate to get Larry Cordle involved. He is a legendary bluegrass and country music songwriter and performer. He produced the vocals and sang background on the record. He invited me to perform “Heart of Appalachia” with him at the Ralph Stanley Bluegrass Festival, which was a big honor. It was the first time the song had ever been performed in public. Ralph Stanley II, the son of the late Dr. Ralph Stanley, also helped out, by appearing briefly in the music video. If you watch the video, you will see him on the front porch of the Ralph Stanley Museum.

I read you performed at 2016 Country Jam Colorado. What was it like getting to perform with all of those country music singers?

I was honored to be a part of Country Jam Colorado. There was so much talent and a load of energy there. I went there to perform an hour-long concert, but I was surprised when the promoters also asked me to sing the National Anthem before Brad Paisley’s show. I was really nervous, but when the crowd started singing along, it was beautiful. I was so overcome with emotion, when I got off stage I actually cried. As far as being around other singers, when you are at a festival, there usually isn’t time to hang out with other performers, even if they are there at the same time you are. I did get to meet Joe Nichols and Neal McCoy. They were both really nice, and Neal is funny, on stage and off. I love his sense of humor!


It’s been a few months since your interview at Southern Country Life and the year is almost over, what would you say the highlights of the year would be so far? And do you have any big plans for the rest of the year?

The highlight of 2016, as of September, would have to be the fact that my song “Heart of Appalachia” was picked to be Southwest Virginia’s official theme song. Another highlight was performing at Country Jam Colorado. If I had to pick a third highlight, it would be singing the National Anthem at a game between the Cincinnati Reds and the New York Mets. As for the rest of this year, my biggest plan is promoting my song “To Pieces.” I will be visiting radio stations in several states during October and November. I also just feel excited that I am staying busy playing so many shows because that’s truly where my heart is. I adore playing music and being able to travel.