Interview With Kamber Cain

Interview With Kamber Cain

Today’s interview is with singer/songwriter Kamber Cain!

I was on Artist Signal and I came across Kamber’s music profile and I really liked her music and wanted to ask her some questions about being a musician.

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At what age did you begin singing or playing an instrument?

I started singing on stage at age 4.

What inspired you to become a singer/musician?

After being on stage for the first time at age 4, my love for it only continued to grow. My love for being on stage was one of my inspirations. Also – one of my all-time favorite singers, Shania Twain, was another inspiration. She has been and always will be a favorite singer of mine!

What genre would you call your music?


What have you learned from being a singer/musician?

What I have learned from being a singer is that it’s a tough profession. There are a lot of amazing singers out there that are striving to make it, just like me. You have to stay positive all of the time and learn that “no” or “not at this time” is all in the name of the game. I have also learned that everyone has their own opinions. No matter what – every singer is always going to run across a few people who do not dig or support their music. You cannot let that get you down. There are far too many other supporters in the world to make up for those few negative people. As long as you love what you are doing, that is all that matters!

Can you say a little about what being a singer/musician means to you?

I would never consider being a singer a job because it is what I love to do. I truly enjoy what I do and believe God put me on this Earth to make a positive difference, one song at a time. Being able to create songs that not only relate to my life, but other’s lives is the best feeling ever. Songs let you connect with other people because whether some people want to admit it or not, we all experience feelings and emotions. Songs are the greatest way to connect with the world and other people.

What part about being a singer/musician do you like most?

I love every single part of being a singer. I get to travel around and do what I am passionate about in life. I get to meet new people and share my music with the world.

Have you made any friends because of being a singer/musician?

I have definitely made friends because of being a singer. Everywhere I go, I am always meeting new people and other awesome artists that I can now call friends!

Have you traveled because of being a singer/musician?

Yes, I have traveled all over because of being a singer. It really works in my favor because not only do I love to sing, but I love to travel as well, so it is really a win-win.

Have you done something exciting because of being a singer/musician?

I have had the chance to do lots of exciting things because of being a singer. I have opened shows for Lonestar, Jamie O’Neal, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Billy Dean, The Happy Together Tour, among others. I won the Missouri State Fair Idol Competition in 2014. I have also been included in several award shows, events, and music shows. One of my songs was played in the background of one of the episodes of “House of Cards.” I have filmed 2 music videos so far and they are also being featured on Zuus Country TV, Yallwire and many more. I know it is only going to continue to allow me to do exciting things!