Abigail Duhon – New EP

​Hey everyone! Christian Dance/EDM Singer/Songwriter Abigail Duhon is back with an interview about her new self titled EP! And since Abigail’s interview on Southern Country Life, she has been signed to Dream Records! You can get Abigail’s new EP and download Abigail’s other songs here! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/abigail-duhon-ep/id1236259648   Here is a music video for one of Abigail’s … Read moreAbigail Duhon – New EP

Jessica Rose – One of the Boys

Hey everyone! Back with an interview Jessica Rose about her new single “One of the Boys” and about the inspiration behind it. Jessica also has a new EP coming out in May. You can download “One Of The Boys” on iTunes here itunes.apple.com/us/album/one-of-the-boys-single/id1131856706   Interview with Jessica Rose   What was the inspiration for the song “One … Read moreJessica Rose – One of the Boys

Interview with Jessica Rose

Hey everyone! We have an interview with Pop/Country Singer/Songwriter Jessica Rose! Jessica’s music has an upbeat style, mixed with Country.   You can find out more about Jessica on her website at RealJessicaRose.com Follow Jessica Rose on Facebook at RealJessicaRose Twitter @JessicaKartalis YouTube JessicaKartalis   Interview with Jessica Rose   When did you begin singing or playing an instrument? I have … Read moreInterview with Jessica Rose

Interview with Ashley Taylor

Today we have an interview with Ashley Taylor! Ashley Taylor is a Country Rock/Pop Singer/Songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. Ashley is a solo artist and all about Gritz & Glamour & just being who the good Lord made her.   You can find out more about Ashley on her website at AshleyTaylorMusic.com Follow Ashley Taylor on Facebook at … Read moreInterview with Ashley Taylor

Interview with Hayley Payne

Today we have an interview with Hayley Payne! Hayley Payne is a Country/Pop Singer/Songwriter from Kentucky.   You can find out more about Hayley on her website at HayleyPayne.com Follow Hayley Payne on Facebook at HayleyPayneMusic Twitter HayleyPMusic YouTube Hayley Payne   When did you begin singing or playing an instrument? I have always loved to sing. I began … Read moreInterview with Hayley Payne

Rachel Belman – Noel

Guess what time it is? It’s Christmas Season! You’ve probably already heard a Christmas song or two, but have you heard Rachel Belman’s new Christmas EP? Rachel Belman recently recorded a new Christmas EP called Noel.   Noel is a 5 song EP featuring classic Christmas songs. You can buy the EP or CD at RachelBelman.com … Read moreRachel Belman – Noel

Interview with Rachel Belman

Rachel Belman is a Christian singer/songwriter from Clovis, California. Originally posted at KyleRansford.com on March 1st and since then Rachel has recorded a Christmas EP. Listen to a sample and buy it on her website at RachelBelman.com Follow Rachel on her social networks at Twitter @RachelBelman Facebook RachelBelmanMusic YouTube RachelBelman   At what age did you … Read moreInterview with Rachel Belman

Interview With Bailey Callahan

Interview with Country Singer/Songwriter Bailey Callahan! Bailey is a talented singer and from her interview it sounds like Bailey has had some exiting times as a singer and has gotten to open for artists like, Hunter Hayes, Sawyer Brown, Scotty McCreery & LOCASH.   Find out more about Bailey and her music at BaileyCallahan.com Follow Bailey on … Read moreInterview With Bailey Callahan

Interview with Delaney Ann

Today we have an interview with California singer/songwriter Delaney Ann! You can find out more about Delaney on her website at DelaneyAnn.com Follow Delaney Ann on Facebook DelaneyAnnMusic Twitter @DelaneyAnnMusic YouTube Delaney Ann Music   At what age did you begin singing or playing an instrument? 10 years old What inspired you to become a singer/songwriter? For a majority of … Read moreInterview with Delaney Ann

Interview with Nikki Moore

Today we have a interview with Nikki L Moore! Nikki is a Country singer/songwriter from Alabama.   You can find out more about Nikki on her website at NikkiLMoore.com Follow Nikki Moore on Facebook at NikkiMooreMusic Twitter @NikkiMooreMusic YouTube Nikki L Moore   At what age did you begin singing or playing an instrument? I started … Read moreInterview with Nikki Moore