Interview with Lauren and Hannah Hobbs From The Hobbs Sisters

Interview with Lauren and Hannah Hobbs From The Hobbs Sisters

Today’s Featured Artists is sister duo Lauren and Hannah Hobbs from The Hobbs Sisters!

The Hobbs Sisters are a twin sister country duo from Pittsburgh, PA.


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If more than 1 member, who are the members and what’s your band about?
The members of our band are Lauren and Hannah Hobbs. We are a twin sister country duo based out of the Pittsburgh area. We are a high energy duo that is driven by our tight harmonies. We just released our second album called “Love Hangover” featuring 5 new original songs.

At what age did you begin singing or playing an instrument?
We both have been singing since we were very little! We started piano lessons in elementary school and learned guitar in high school.

What inspired you to become a singer/songwriter?
Our grandfather was a huge influence on our music. We grew up singing and playing with him and it inspired us from a very young age.

What genre would you call your music?
We consider our music to be in the country genre with influences from pop and rock.

Is there anything you have learned from being a singer/songwriter?
The biggest thing we’ve learned from being a musician is the importance of never giving up. Particularly as an independent artist, there can be many obstacles and challenges along the way. But we’ve learned that if this is really our passion it’s worth all the time and effort that we put into it!

What does it mean to you to be a singer/songwriter?
For us it means getting to share our stories with people in many different places. From performing at shows to writing songs to making a new album, we are lucky enough to get to share our lives with people everyday!

What part about being a singer/songwriter do you enjoy most?
We love getting to share our passion of music with people from many different places.

Have you made any friends because of being a singer/songwriter?
We have had the privilege of meeting lots of friends throughout the years we’ve been singing. It’s always fun to get to know fellow musicians and bond over our love of music!

Have you traveled because of being a singer/songwriter?
Yes! We’ve had the chance to see lots of different places and meet tons of people which is one of our favorite parts of being musicians.

Have you done something exciting because of being a singer/songwriter?
One of the most exciting parts for us has been getting the chance to open for country music artists that we grew up listening to or currently listen to. In the past we’ve opened for artists such as Brett Eldredge, Aaron Tippin, Chris Cagle, and Jana Kramer. This summer, we’ll be opening for Lady Antebellum and Diamond Rio! It is always a thrill for us to share the stage with artists that we look up to.